Wednesday’s news items [call for help; justice; Middletown’s transparency is a model; some same old, same old & more] – 8/22/2018

columbia needs suppliesLetter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Yep”…  because his income is nobody else’s business” | The RWNJ rule-writing responseThe Washington Times


It’s a start … and a signal for all those folks in Congress to wake up and pour out the contents of their Kool-Aid filled canteens. “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho,
And the walls came tumbling down!”

Though unlikely in this country, because rich white guys seldom go to jailand Lord knows they deserve it — it’s reinforces the American sense of justice to see the guilty plea and the guilty verdict.

cohen tweer

Who do we trust? Cops? Priests? | Middletown charges its top copThe Middletown Press & Journal

VIDEO | Middletown’s mayor levels with citizens – Penn Live 

Remember, too.| Middletown video records and livestreams its Borough council meetings

And at last night’s council meeting | the mayor spoke with the citizens (see the video at the 36 minute 07 seconds mark).

Proactively communicative on the town’s facebook page | And the Town’s Website

Haters of truth gonna’ hate | There’s a facebook page about Middletown [Middletown Residents United] and here’s an anti-media post from that page: “& where did you read that from? The ungodly press & journal?” There are numerous more rational, logical and comments, as this one following” “On Friday, investigators say Mouchette acknowledged the incident took place in his office and apologized many times for his actions.”  And this one, “He has been charged not convicted. The charges might be true or might not be that is why we have a judicial system. Have faith that the truth will come out and justice will be served.”

Most people really prefer to know the truth even though it may not be pretty.

The Columbia model? | “Handicap parking likely to change; Middletown hasn’t taken requests for new spaces since 2015” – The Middletown Press & Journal

Lucky Middletown with its own “hold it in your hands” newspaper | It’s filled with local news like this: “Council establishes fee for restaurants to make outdoor seating requests” – The Middletown Press & Journal

In Cumberland County | “County officials work proactively making sure Airbnb rental listings are in compliance”FOX43-TV

Use for the Market House | Some folks hereabouts talk about another era when the rooms beneath the Market House were used as drunk tanks. Maybe there’s a Customer to restart the tradition and find a use for the Market House: Public Drunkeness charge at the Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page.

Lehigh Valley | Record flooding overnight The Morning Call


  1. What a load of crap this letter to the editor is. As I write my $4,200 tax check to the school district, I cannot help but wonder why a small district like Columbia struggles to find school supplies. One year we donated supplies and wrote a smaller $25.00 check toward supplies, but no more. I earn less than the teachers and, in some cases, pay more in taxes. Let them provide supplies or demand more from their management. The borough enjoys handing our money, perhaps the school district could ask them to fund supplies.

  2. Heard on NPR this morning: “Paul Manaford refused to wear the white socks officials had given him to wear with his suit. He went barefoot.” The man is filthy rich and is more concerned about whether or not his socks match is expensive clothes. That shows how much he knows about those with less. He should be concerned about potentially spending years in prison. However, even if he goes to “prison,” he will be in an executive suite type of incarceration. What is wrong with America’s justice system?

  3. Think we all know what’s wrong with the justice system and the political system – they’re weighted and rigged for the wealthy and their bought political minions.

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