Wednesday’s news items, part 3 [SMH & other items from other places] – 8/29/2018

google fixed it! | “Of course, there’s a more compelling explanation than search-engine bias for all the bad news Trump is finding on the Web. It’s called reality.”The Washington Post 

What’s new in maniac world today? | “Trump warns Google, Facebook & Twitter over fake news”The Economic Times

And this | “Donald Trump warns privately of ‘violence’ if GOP loses midterms” – The Guardian

bunny targetWho or what is the next “lash out” target? The Easter Bunny?

“Two funerals and a wedding | The shunning of Donald Trump”The Los Angeles Times

Flexible pricing | “A heart attack left him with a $109,000 bill. His story aired, and now he owes $782.”The Washington Post

oldest“Julia Flores Colque eyed the camera while sitting outside her home in Sacaba, Bolivia.” – Juan Karita/Associated Press

“At 117 | she might be the oldest person in the world”The Boston Globe

They said, “No.” to Joe | A little bit of sanity comes out in Arizona as “Martha McSally beats Joe Arpaio and Kelli Ward to win Arizona Republican primary” The Guardian


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