Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [cost of education; when they’re gone; long lines; Field of Screams & more] – 8/29/2018

school costs

“MAP | What it costs to educate children in Pennsylvania, district by district”The Morning Call

In Marietta | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, this: “The expansion of the borough’s Market Central District was defeated after a public hearing. Comments made at the hearing were largely negative, and in a roll call vote, the zoning amendment designed to promote business growth was unanimously defeated.”


Only in newspapers | “Newspaper Obituaries are disappearing!” – Obituaries Help

How will people in communities find out the important local news when there is no daily newspaper? Who died? Funeral arrangements? What happened at that meeting? 

Or legal notices like this? | “COLUMBIA BOROUGH IS LOOKING FOR BUILDING PROFESSIONALS … “ – in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and at Lancaster Online

Or this? | Columbia’s “PUBLIC NOTICE ON LINE AUCTION NOTICE … “ – also in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and at Lancaster Online

like gunsJoshua Hutchins, 22, of York was charged with firearms sales and possession offenses, 31 counts of persons not to possess firearms, and 34 counts of receiving stolen property.”(Photo: York County District Attorney)

likes 2nd Amendment | “Police seize 34 firearms from York man they say illegally owned, sold weapons”The York Daily Record


“26th season begins September 8‘Escape games’ offer new fright at 2018 Field of Screams”WFMZ-TV69

oil & water | “Reading Mayor, city council clash at meeting”WFMZ-TV69

trafficOPINION: There’ll be incredible traffic when the idiot-in-chief checks out; practically everyone will be coming to that event for one reason or another. And the American Flag, no doubt, will be going up and down all day long.

One comment

  1. The council in Marietta actually listens to their residents and votes accordingly. In Columbia, council listens to their residents as a matter of procedure and then votes the way THEY want.

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