Wednesday’s news items [the Vatican knew; CrimeWatch reports; spiders & more] – 8/29/2018

vatican knew

Leadership gone awry | “Vatican knew of Pennsylvania sex abuse cover-up, prosecutor says”Reuters

Time to go? | “Pope Francis facing calls to resign; sexual abuse scandal exposes rifts in the Vatican” FOX News

“At this point, the meeting went into CLOSED session.” – Curious to see the same manners of secrecy and shrouded information also in Lancaster Catholic High School’s board of directors’ meetings. The Board went into CLOSED session to end the March 15, 2018 School Board meeting and there are no minutes posted for the announced April and May meetings.

The School is not alone in wanting to buffer information from its shareholders and the public. Local government does it all the time.

Et tu, POTUS | Remember the racist claim from POTUS about the deaths in Puerto Rico: “that hundreds of people haven’t died after Hurricane Maria as they did in ‘a real catastrophe like Katrina.’” Now the world knows the “Death Toll is 2,975.”

“Schools Need Resources, Not ‘School Resource Officers’”OtherWords

“Selling your car? | Clear your personal data first.”Federal Trade Commission

along came a spider … a huge Orb Weaver spider (we think) … spier 2This magnificent spider is amazing.

Oh, yeah! This makes sense. | “USDA to buy $1.2 billion in American crops to offset tariffs’ impact” – The Trump administration released more details on its plan to help farmers deal with the impact of the ongoing trade war.

Longer read | Here’s a longer read about the announcement that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will publish a “hold-it-in-your-hands” newspaper only five days a week.

blinking eye

“Simple eye exam may spot Alzheimer’s early |  Even before symptoms start” Futurity

New digs | West Hempfield Township Police Department shows photos of the new home.

Temp help | Results in stolen property – West Hempfield Township CrimeWatch page

crime watch meeting

Regular meetings | West Hempfield Township’s Police Department hosts regular CrimeWatch meetings. One was held last night; the next will be in September.


  1. Before we get to worked up over 1.2 billion going to ag producers, we need to remember that the federal reserve created over 5 trillion dollars from thin air during the Obama years (quantitative easing). Most of this money went towards keeping major banks solvent. We still have no clue where this money ended up.

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