Friday’s news items, part 2 [Legal notice; sheriff sale properties; fairs; municipal briefs; Yuengling in top beer list] – 8/31/2018

Heavy rain todayNew rainfall amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.National Weather Service

LEGAL NOTICES | Two items will be introduced for consideration at the next Columbia Borough council meeting on September 10: Satellite dishes and tax credits for volunteer fire fighters. – Lancaster Online

york fairSeptember 7-16 | Here comes the York Fair


Big celebration: 100 years | The Ephrata Fair, September 25-19

From the Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.borough council summary

Another “regular” vents | Ted Fabianski, another of the usual letter-to-the-editor submitters to LNP – Always Lancaster‘s op-ed (opposite the editorial) page says the press is the problem … but it’s the national press. But the pet media of the RWNJs, FOX News, according to him, ” … has been reporting on the obvious corruption in the Justice Department and FBI during the presidential campaign but the mainstream news media reports relentlessly on Trump-Russian collusion, ignoring possibly the biggest law enforcement scandal in history.”

“K2? Spice? Synthetic cannabinoids or marijuana? | What it is and how to protect yourself”The Morning Call

dog days in the pool on September 6 | “Doggie Swim to be held at the Lititz Springs Pool”The Lititz Record Express

“It could happen!” | Remember the JP’s legendary quote? In spite of every one of  LNP – Always Lancaster’s Lancaster-Lebanon League “pickers'” picking Lancaster Catholic in tonight’s game against the Tide … “It could happen!”

Authoritarians stoke fear by dismantling factuality, or trust in truth. Totalitarian control over the public’s sources of information makes that assault on facts easier. The politics of eternity are a more potent threat to Russia and the U.S. with the internet.” 

“’If all the [American] federal government did was maximize inequality and suppress votes, the U.S., like the Russian Federation, would be in a permanent succession crisis, with no legitimate way to choose leaders.’ At the moment, it’s not clear if the U.S. will go down that route. One way to tell will be the outcome of Robert Mueller’s investigation, which will act as a kind of barometer for America’s risk of authoritarianism.” – SOURCE: The Masthead on a new book,The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America, by Yale University professor, Timothy Snyder. 

pauper schools“In March, Amiyah Berrios, then a first-grade student at Duquesne Elementary School, raises her hand during math class.”

Valid question | “Has there been a return to ‘pauper schools’ in Pennsylvania? A brief history of public education in the state.”Public Source

Autocrats & dictator wanna’ be lookalikes are the same everywhere | Control the news and make the news be the news your way. The New Yorker

Still a favorite | Forget all those trendy, craft beers, Yuengling ranks in top 25Philadelphia Magazine

Seven Columbia properties | Lancaster County Sheriff’s Sales list



  1. LNP needs to get it together. There was no council meeting on August 16. It appears that this article is in regard to the school board meeting.

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