Saturday’s news items [football; deals; Know Nothings & more] – 9/1/2018

They played | “On night of washouts, Lancaster Catholic holds back the Columbia Crimson Tide”Lancaster Online

APTOPX McCain“The flag-draped casket of Senator John McCain lies in state on the Lincoln Catafalque in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. – Morry Gash / AP”

kathyKathy at FRUGAL LANCASTER has this in her newsletter: “For the frugal shopper, there is a lot happening up in the Denver/Adamstown area this Labor Day weekend.

Check out these four enticing deals!

  1. $.25 hot dogs at Weaver’s on Saturday. Weaver Markets is hosting Quarter Dog Day where you can get one hot dog at The Wagon for just $.25. Tax included.
  2. $.99/lb chicken breasts. Weaver Markets is also having a sale on chicken. Get a 40lb case for just $.99/lb. They are also selling chicken quarters for just $.59/lb
  3. FREE ice cream at Willow Creek Grocery. Just down the road from Weaver Markets is a small discount grocery store. They are giving away FREE ice cream cones on Saturday. You can also buy a half-off deal. This is a smart way to save on groceries—spend $10 to get $20 worth of food. You’ll find tons of merchandise available, but even if you use the deal just to save half-price on your staple food items like fruit, veggies, milk, eggs and bread for the week, you’ll be saving!
  4. Pepperidge Farm Discount Store on Saturday and Sunday. Did you know that every Saturday and Sunday the Pepperidge Farm factory (just off the Route 222 Denver exit) has a special discount store that is open to the public? This is a great way to save on quick items for packed lunches!

cigarGritty, cigar-chomping newspaperman, died at age 82. This obituary notice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster caught our attention this morning for two reasons: smoking at 82 and a long time newspaper writer. Write on; right on, George LaTour!

Know Nothings | “It’s the failing Whig party and the faltering Democratic party and their inability to articulate, to the satisfaction of the great percentage of their electorate, answers to the problems that were associated with everyday life.” A response to the Irish Immigrants | “From xenophobia to conspiracy theories, the Know Nothing party launched a nativist movement whose effects are still felt today.” – Smithsonian Magazine

popularity / unpopularity | “An updating calculation of the president’s approval rating, accounting for each poll’s quality, recency, sample size and partisan lean.”FiveThirtyEight

Oh, get real! | Honestly, this is the beginning of a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “First, I want to make it clear that I am not comparing President Donald Trump to Jesus. I am trying to show parallels between the Pharisees of Jesus’ time and Democrats of today. The Pharisees’ agenda was to get rid of Jesus and the Democrats’ agenda is to oust Trump. Both upset the ruling class. The Democrats have no other agenda than hate for the president, and what he has accomplished so far.”

sherman“So Atlanta is ours, and fairly won. Telegram from Major General William T. Sherman to Major General H. W. Halleck, September 3, 1864.”

“On September 1, 1864 | Confederate General John B. Hood evacuated Atlanta, leaving the city, a crucial supply center for the Confederacy, in Union hands. Union General William T. Sherman’s victory helped ensure President Lincoln’s reelection two months later. With 98,000 men under his command from the Chattanooga area, Sherman prepared to move toward Atlanta on May 4, 1864. By July 6, Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston, who was defending the city with half as many men, had retreated, heading south of the Chattahoochee River to Peachtree Creek. General Hood relieved Johnston and attacked Sherman on July 20, but was forced to retreat with a large number of casualties. By August 31, Sherman had crossed Hood’s supply line, forcing him to evacuate the city the following day. In response, Hood moved toward Nashville where he later met defeat at the hands of General George H. Thomas.” –  Library of Congress

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