Saturday’s news items, part 2 [tariffs; Irish immigrants; bullies & more] – 9/1/2018

Much ado about nothing | Since the blow hard crap about tariffs, the pretender-in-chief in wonderland has now rolled back tariffs on newsprint and, now, “Steel and Aluminum Product Exclusions.

Ditto, nothing but self-importance | Tariff back walking and minimal insignificant changes in the NAFTA  agreements; what’s the reason. Just a bully practice — begging for attention.

About bullies | “Bullying, Victimization, School Performance, and Mother-Child Relationship Quality: Direct and Transactional Associations”Hindawi School of Criminology

Mother avoidance | “Here’s What Donald Trump Has Never Told America About His Mother” CheatSheet

Digs-Ireland-horsedrawn-railroadsColumbia & Labor & Irish immigrants | “Ireland’s Forgotten Sons Recovered Two Centuries Later | In Pennsylvania, amateur archaeologists unearth a mass grave of immigrant railroad workers who disappeared in 1832″ – Smithsonian Magazine

lnp free noticeA free notice in the form of an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Fireworks; peeing in the alley & more | Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch Page

Here’s where drones can be valuable | “Manheim, Pennsylvania flooding – Drone footage – 8/31/2018717 Drone Guys facebook page

not just religious preludes | “House ordered to let non-theists give opening invocations”WITF

voice-farewell-560Village Voice Website

Classic; one of the best newspapers in NY once | Iconic NYC Weekly ‘Village Voice’ Shutters After 63 Years”Rolling Stone

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