Sunday observations and musings (kind of a part 2) [collaboration: the absence of ego; transparency; recollections) – 9/2/2018

oped quote

LNP- Always Lancaster editorial | “Lancaster County’s public servants need to take their obligation to disclose financial interests more seriously”

Tempered (and logical) GOP view | “The contrast between McCain and Trump deepens the loss” Lancaster Online

Protected and hidden | “You won’t find most priests accused of child sex abuse on Megan’s Law”WITF

With a little help from their friends | “Pennsylvania grand jury finds some police and district attorneys helped Catholic church cover up priest abuse”The Morning Call

Leadership gone astray | Pope Francis’ Accuser Turns Up the Pressure With More Accusations”The New York Times

“just 6%” | “Analysis shows just 6% of corporate gains from Trump’s tax cuts have trickled down to workers as raises, bonuses and investments”The Guardian

reasson to voteExcerpted from a letter-to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster entitled “We have a chance to change the status quo”

Again? | The latest leadership change in a no-win, unwanted intrusion scenario.The Washington Post

Does this make sense? | “Thousands of Vietnamese, including offspring of U.S. troops, could be deported under Trump policy”The Washington Post

This does make sense! | “Vietnamese Americans hail McCain as ‘our hero,’ thanking him for his service to the refugee community”The Los Angeles Times

Go, Ms. McCain | Her father rejected “cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly.”The New York Times

Collaboration | the absence of ego [Would it not be something if our elected public servants decided to collaborate rather than denigrate, castigate, segregate, opinionate, abrogate, negate and agitate.]wilburys2

Five rock ‘n roll monsters in the same room and not a single ego got in the way. Ever.” – Comment following this track with the Wilbury’s performance of Roy Orbison’s “Handle With Care.”

While reminiscing | In 2003, while attending a Rotary function in Pawtucket, RI, we had an unusual opportunity to sit with Davy Jones, the lead singer of The Monkees. We talked for 20 or so minutes — just about life stuff. That he was a rock star and we were nobody special never interfered. In the right circumstances, people are people. Here’s a link to a you tube video (with a longer intro) of Davy Jones and The Monkees performing Daydream Believer.

davy jones


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