Thursday’s news items, part 1 [hurricane news; epidemics & more] – 9/13/2018


The view from Myrtle BeachThe Myrtle Beach Sun

“How to prepare for and recover from a storm and avoid charity scams”Federal Trade Commission

“tremendously big and wet” | “expected to make landfall early Friday, Florence could dump up to 40 inches of torrential rain Saturday and Sunday”OXY

Wise giving after a hurricane

reality | rewrittenVox

two-thirds of healthy people don’t have advance directives | “Make sure to do these things while you are still able”next avenue

We are | an obesity state Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Yep, heroin is everywhere | “Pennsylvania sees significant rise in heroin overdoses among people 55 and older”The Morning Call

Another epidemic | Teen vapingCBS News

concept of truth is under assaultOur shared reality is fraying The Conversation


OKthe most widely spoken word in the world.

Started Tuesday | The Denver Fair

Bon chance | Columbia’s National Watch & Clock Museum directorLancaster Online



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