Tangentially related “not local” news – 9/17/2017

Print salvation? | “Tech billionaire agrees to buy iconic Time Magazine” The Boston Globe

Bezos | The Washington Post today Washingtonian

Rebuilding | The Los Angeles Times – LAist

Yep – there’s hope. | “Colleges see a surge in journalism school admissions.”The Washington Post

child poverty

Child poverty | “… an unpleasant picture of poverty in the US” – The Conversation

“Escaping a major storm like Florence is tough. | It’s even tougher when you’re broke.”The Los Angeles Times

NC Governor: If you don’t evacuate, “Tell your “next of kin” | “The science, skill – and luck – behind evacuation order calls” – The Conversation

Photo tour | What Florence deliveredThe Washington Post

Fake news? | “People Are Cracking Up At This Video Of A Weather Channel Reporter Being A Little Dramatic During Hurricane Florence”BuzzFeed News

Irony | Those from the former Soviet part of Germany hate immigrants; those who were in West Germany not so much. The Los Angeles Times

Freezing Credit Will Now Be Free | Here’s Why You Should Go for It.”The New York Times

Deconstructing | White Privilege [a video]

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