Monday’s news items [butterflies; corporate welfare; harvest moon & more] – 9/17/2018


DESPITE the irregular weather this year, the faithful statice plants once again are in bloom and serve as a mecca for butterflies and bees. Here are 84 more Butterfly-Friendly Plants.

50 plus eXPO

On Wednesday | FREE to attend  50 Plus EXPO at Spooky Nook

“THIS IS NOT Gazpacho!” | Says commenter, Lynn Scott Paden, following this Lancaster Online article about Gazpacho. “More of a drink than a soup, served in frosted glasses or chilled tumblers, gazpacho is perfect when it is too hot to eat but you need cold, salt and lunch all at the same time,” says this New York Times article.

MAXPreps says “It’s about time: Columbia finally caught a break after 3 consecutive losses.”

Interred at Laurel Hill | LNP – Always Lancaster‘s page one article about the Red Rose Honor Guard has photos from a ceremony for a veteran at Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens.

fox lancaster couple

How do they know? | We’re curious, how do the police know the couple is from Lancaster? Or is is a misleading headline? Actually, the Manheim Township Crimewatch page calls them “the lovebird looters.”

Corporate Welfare is alive and kicking | And legislators love to brag about it. Every Pennsylvania taxpayer helps fork over money each year so that agencies at the state level can re-distribute some of that money to a form of welfare, back to agencies lining up asking for grants. Or begging, it depends on the perspective. You can see the Lancaster County agencies that have asked for grant handouts and those that have received grant handouts this go-round here. Lititz got a million and a half to upgrade its community pool. A college with a religious affiliation gets a million for a new sports center. A hospital worth several billion gets two million for a new entrance, a new wellness center and other niceties.

Let’s “gut the welfare state.” | “Trump’s Latest Bid to Punish the Poor”Jacobin 

Smucker quote | “We need to focus on reforming these programs in order to ensure citizens are encouraged to find family sustaining jobs not subsist on bloated government handouts.

What’s good for the goose … | Hickernell on citizens on welfare: Corporate welfare is OK; average person, nope. “Any serious effort to deter fraud and abuse in the welfare system, must make it clear that anyone who attempts to steal from the system and waste taxpayer dollars will be severely punished.”

Columbia Borough’s Historical Architectural Review Board will meet at on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Borough Hall’s council chamber, 308 Locust St., Columbia. Agenda items include:

 Borough Council Legislation Committee update on proposed Historic District expansion, revised Historic District map and Historic District ordinance revisions.

harvest moon

Could not resist sharing this really awesome picture from this Penn Live article: “What and when is the harvest moon?”




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