Today’s news, part 2 [lucrative government pensions; love letters; GOP (sob) story & more] – 10/2/2018

Who says government isn’t lucrative? | “York County pays retirees $18.7 million a year; top earner got $134,000 in retirement last year”The York Daily Record

Serious Jeopardy | “A game in which Pennsylvania voters sadly lose” Editorial at LancasterOnline


Riding on coat tails | Tweet truths? Not exactly.WikiTribune

Just rebranding | USMCAThe Washington Post

Xi is better than he isThe Washington Post

Cats vs rats | “Despite popular wisdom, rats are too big and too fierce for cats.”Route Fifty

kim quote

No kidding | Love letters straight from heart.AP news

Long read, but important | “The Comforting Fictions of Dementia Care”The New Yorker

Wolf – Wagner – Trebek | “Whatever it was, it wasn’t a debate.”PennLive

No shocker here | “I look forward to voting to confirm him to the Supreme Court.” Thus spake the GOP senator from Pennsylvania in his newsletter. He scripted explanation:

“It was appropriate for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee as the final step in the committee’s investigation of Dr. Ford’s allegation. Both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh are to be commended for testifying under such unfortunate and avoidable circumstances. Neither they, nor their families, deserved to be victims of this shamefully politicized process.

“I found Dr. Ford’s testimony to be sincere and moving, but lacking important specifics. Judge Kavanaugh’s repeated and unequivocal denial was also sincere and very persuasive. In addition, Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony has been corroborated and Dr. Ford’s testimony has not. All of the witnesses she claimed were present, including her lifelong friend, either failed to corroborate, or refuted, her testimony.

“The other allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are either completely unsubstantiated or preposterous.

“Taking into account this week’s testimony and everything else that has been presented about Judge Kavanaugh’s exemplary character and record … “

coffee with cops

2 rising tide


  1. Lost in the Kavanaugh shuffle is the fact we are being told potential presidential candidate Corey Booker, an admitted “groper,” is above reproach because he’s shown remorse. Interesting how democrats can learn and outgrow their past, think Clinton and gay marriage, while republicans will now be held to the “he got drunk in high school” standard.

  2. We hold them to this standard: That, overwhelmingly, elected public servants, primarily at the state and federal levels, have these standards:

    They represent the worst in both primary political parties.

    They are out for themselves.

    They regurgitate party dogma – the hell with ethics and morality.

    They believe they are special and above the citizens they’re supposed to represent.

    They believe it’s entirely OK to accept money from scoundrels and “political action groups” (whatever they are)..

    They believe it’s OK to take trips and other perquisites, because they deserve them..

    They are in power of “others” who exist to exalt them.

    They lie because it’s accepted and expected.

  3. That pretty much says it all about elected officials. So many voters know nothing about most candidates for public office. These voters don’t discuss politics or religion because it’s been drilled into them that that is not proper. They go vote and click on the one party or the other button, even though they don’t know for whom they are casting their votes.

  4. Absolutely, you may. But you’ll not get our vote.

    On the other hand, based on your your other lucid, often brilliant comments, if you, in fact, did run, you’d probably get our vote.

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