Saturday’s news items [Bridge Bust; meeting agenda; & more] – 10/6/2018

Today | Columbia’s 30th Annual Bridge Bust

Posted10-8-18 Preliminary Borough Council Meeting Agenda

Football | Tough loss to Ephrata LancasterOnline

Parking Study | Lancaster’s doing one preceded with public input.LancasterOnline


We’d go nuts if this happened here | “Kenya police reduced to ‘spectators’ as American agents run the show at Melania’s event” Nairobi News

Unconscionable | 17 Years of warThe Washington Post

Help this Police Department | With its K-9 efforts.FOX43-TV

Trusted employee | Steals $373K from employer for strippers & hockey tixPenn Live 

Bankrupt | Mattress Firm filed for bankruptcy Friday [There are four Lancaster County sites]The Morning Call

Pipeline flows today | “Mariner East 2: What are natural gas liquids, and what happens if they leak?”State Impact


Grassley: Women are lazy! | “It’s a lot of work” (but old white men can do this).The Washington Post

RWNJ ‘Ready to kill’ | Man accused of threatening to shoot lawmakers if Kavanaugh is not confirmed” The Washington Post [Here’s the Polk County Sheriff’s Department report.]


vote them out

Voting at Home Will Help Save Our DemocracyAll 50 states should follow the example set by Oregon and Washington.”The New York Times opinion column

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