The charade is almost over

Earlier today self-serving, partisan, trough-hugging old fogies in Wonderland did what practically everyone knew they would do.

These spineless money-suckers — these senators sold their souls.

Here’s what we predicted in a September 28 post:

done deal

Count on it! Our bet is the POTUS pick will be on the highest court in the nation. Despite all the hype and the mockery that was supposed to be a hearing, the self-serving old white men and the entrenched old white women — with no moral fiber — in the Senate will whisk the candidate into a lifetime job. What this country needs is a Congressional clean-out. 

“One hearing, two witnesses | but vastly different takeaways” – WITF

Where have we heard this before? | “You sowed the wind for decades to come. I fear that the whole country will reap the whirlwind.” From the Supreme Court nominee’s opening comments yesterday. Oh, yeah, POTUS says this all the time in his do it my way or the highway fear-mongering and bullying scathing warnings resonant of “après moi le déluge.”


  1. A self fulfilling prophecy; Kavanugh is the whirlwind. The Democrats sowed it when they suspended the filibuster for judicial appointments and also when refused to consider judicial appointments in a presidential election year. Now, they have sown the whirlwind. What follows?

  2. What follows, indeed? According to fundies, perhaps the “seven bowls of God’s wrath?”

    Or perhaps a path to civil war?

    Or, and this is really a wild throw, maybe an understanding of collaboration in the quest to continue the principles of this nation … and continue the nation, period.

    We have to say, though, with the current crop of “elder” statesmen and women in the houses of Congress, we don’t have a great deal of hope for this.

  3. Just a few observations.

    In an article I saw yesterday Justice Kagan lamented that the Supreme Court will no longer have a swing vote. Sounds to me quite partisan to me. Every justice should view themselves as a potential swing vote; she has definitely taken sides.

    Senator Corry Booker, admitted sexual predatior, continues to believe he can up his status on the back of Kavanaugh; damn fool will get his butt handed to him. If the dems were smart they would do it themselves.

    Those who insist the FBI probe of Kavanaugh was insufficient are either too shallow thinkers, or are conveniently overlooking the fact that the Dems had all summer in which, I’m sure, they had every investigative tool at their disposal on the case. I’m surprised the didn’t bring their ace, Christopher Steele.

    It’s frightening to really contemplate the desires of the most radical on the left. The demand a new standard of justice for sex crimes; you must prove your innocence. The demands of Ford’s lawyers that Kavanaugh testify first, that Ford not be under oath, and that she would not have to face the accused, amount to nothing short of an all out attack on our system of justice. Had Kavanauagh submitted to any of those demands, he truly would have shown he was unfit for a seat on any Court.

    As you might guess, I believe the dems were the losers in this game. Well, them and the public at large.

  4. Thoughtful commentary, as usual.

    Reckon our hope for a collaborative, centrist governance ever coming is a pipe dream.

    We were as dismayed by the Kentucky pork-monger’s commentary about the “mob.” When elected public servants cannot respect the folks they’re supposed to represent, the descent into wherever that may be is clear and present.

    Gawd, what has this Congress wrought: Chaos, whirlwind, division and rich old white male and female kow- tow’ers to the lure of cash.

    • “America is WINNING…” Winning what? Oh, “The red Wave is here to stay…” Perhaps you mean the red wave of the over heated oceans.

  5. So , the Clinton’s are imbarking on their “There is No Shame” tour. Perfect timing. I guess they are expecting a blue wave.

    Interesting no one asked Bill his view on the Kavanaugh/Ford testimonial. They didn’t ask Barry either; he’s a professor of constitutional law, surly his view is important. Well, not as important as Taylor Swift’s.

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