More Wednesday news, from elsewhere – 10/10/2018

Talk about a raucous council meeting | ” … new punishment on audience members who disrupt City Council meetings”The Los Angeles Times


Brave new world | “a computer inside everything, connecting everyone” all the time.The New York Times

What we always knew | Better born rich than gifted or smart. – The Washington Post

dumass call | “Student Was Allegedly Blocked From Sheltering during drill.BuzzFeedNews

“leaps and bounds beyond what we typically see” | Taylor Swift brings younger votersThe New York Times

angry face

Hey, mob. | Don’t resist us; join the RIGHT party!  – The Los Angeles Times

Ah, jeez! Off the rails. | Jerry Falwell: “He’s a moral person.” The Guardian

Ruthlessness | The Democratic party The Washington Post

fat bears

Fat bears | Bulking up for the winter nap. The Washington Post

No skin in the game for most in US | “The US Military Is Now Recruiting Soldiers To Fight In A War That Started Before They Were Born” BuzzFeedNews


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