More Thursday’s news, part 3 [politics; market down; Reineberg’s gone & more] – 10/11/2018

Official | “Columbia Borough 7th Ward’s place to vote will be St. John’s Lutheran Church616 Locust St., Columbia – County Board of Elections

A lot of fake in that “news” | “FACT CHECK: Trump’s False Claims On ‘Medicare For All'”NPR

So that’s why … | the departing ambassador to the UN raved about Ivanka and Jared: they’re buds with the person POTUS likesThe Washington Post

An ethics gap, too? | Nikki Haley: under an ethics cloudThe Washington Post

True colors | “Republican attacks take aim at non-white congressional candidatesThe Guardian

Oh, the predilections | Of some of those elected


Dow down & someone else is to blame | POTUS blames the fedPenn Live

Everywhere | In Asia and Europe, too. – The Washington Post

Gone | “Reineberg’s shoe store, a York County institution for 141 years, is closing The York Daily Record

Next? | Sears?Reuters

Elections ahead: vote | “According to Gallup,  Republicans combined with Republican leaners comprised 42 percent of the total population, compared to 47 percent for Democrat and Democratic leaners.” – WikiTribune




  1. Going to miss Reineberg’s. Took the grandkids there for Stride-Rite shoes. Great customer service – always nice to the kids.

  2. I grew up wearing Stride Rite shoes 60 years ago in KY. I can even remember Mr. Hammer who my mother insisted do the fitting. Can’t call the store name but I remember where it was before it was swept away by Urban Renewal programs on the early 70’s. Now if I can remember where I left my keys, car, wallet, and where I was going it should be be a great day.

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