Monday’s news items [global edition] – 10/15/2018

Before Amazon | … there was Sears; now it’s filed for bankruptcy. – The New York Times

A Sears bankruptcy could cause one of the biggest pension defaults ever, but the government would protect 90,000 retirees”The Chicago Tribune

In the dumps | America’s recycling industry – The Morning Call

Must-see TVPOTUS interview on 60 Minutes

“White House | ‘Stern’ action over Saudi journalist if needed”WITF

saudi arabia

US top export | Weapons of destruction – “For an astounding 25 of the past 26 years, the United States has been the leading arms dealer on the planet … ” – The Nation

US No. 1 weapons Customer | You guessed it. CBS News

What are the weapons?  – Business Insider

Business is good | “25 most powerful militaries in the world”Business Insider

But the Kingdom | also wants touristsEgypt Independent

BFFs | “Arab allies and Middle East organizations voice support, solidarity with Saudi Arabia” – Arab News

“Why is the US so invested in the disappearance of this incident which happened on on non-American soil when the Turkish media has been purged of dissident journalists and editors with no such ballyhoo?”From this Arab News opinion column

Condemnation of US media, government officials and lawmakers | from another Arab News opinion column

In Greece | No overweight tourists on the donkeys Egypt Independent

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