Wednesday’s news items [lottery winner; vitriol & more] – 10/24/2018

careful wish

Last night’s Mega Millions drawing is “pending” at this time. (Evidently now, there is at least one winner!) Probably everyone has purchased at least one ticket to claim the all-time world record prize of $1.6 Billion. Every one of them, no doubt, has elaborate plans about how to spend all that money.

Problem is that huge sums money easily gained can turn people in into real flaming jerks with little regard for others. Here’s a long-read story about the wreckage that Jack Whittaker and his family reaped after winning Powerball’s $314 million jackpot in 2002.

“One thing you can count on with the U.S. Army: Whenever a top leader tries to do the right thing and be candid and transparent, a bunch of other people at the top will do their best to squelch the effort.

This is what happens when you let uninformed bureaucrats make avoiding embarrassment a higher priority than learning. It would be funny except that in military operations, a failure to learn gets people killed and lead to defeat.” – Task & Purpose

And he would know | “Trump calls Khashoggi murder ‘worst cover-up in history'”BBC

POTUS made me do it! | “Groping suspect says Trump said it was OK to grab women”BBC


Vitriolic – Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster letters-to-the-editor page is two pages of mostly political trashing. Cannot wait for November 7 when the mid-term election is over.

If you don’t like the way things are going … BE SURE TO VOTE! and if you like the way things are going … BE SURE TO VOTE!

Stunned? Why? Because old white guys don’t go to jail? | “Former Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski stunned by 15-year prison sentence that lawyer calls ‘cruel’”The Morning Call

no school taxes

The above comment follows this Penn Live article about the abolishment of property taxes to fund public school education in Pennsylvania.

Not Supreme Court material | “Police: Dallastown student secretly recorded sex in weight room”The York Dispatch



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