Friday’s news items [parade items; oldest newspapers & more] – 10/26/2018

301 on parade nightCafe 301 was hopping with Customers before last night’s Mardi Gras parade.

“Cafe 301 opens with Southern-style cooking in refurbished Columbia building”Lancaster Online

Lots of photos | From last night’s parade at the Mardi Gras Parade facebook page

On Wednesday, the political divide in the country took a turn for the much worse.

Never in a million years | “photo with the vice president was $2,700”Lancaster Online

the price of politicking | An article in LNP – Always Lancaster says, “It costs about $30,000 per hour to fly a C-32, according to the Air Force. The (political) party reimburses the government when the vice president uses the plane to travel to political events.”


debris 2“Found items after the Columbia Mardi Gras (Halloween Parade).” Columbia Police Department facebook page

Tonight’s game: last game? | Maybe not, Elco (7-2, 6-2) at Columbia (3-6, 3-3)Lancaster Online

Yep, LNP – Always Lancaster’s on the list | “The Stories Behind the Nation’s Oldest Newspapers”24/7 Wall St.

Is it safe? | “Microplastics found in over 90 percent of big-brand bottled water”WikiTribune

“Can you spare a house? | Between rising interest rates and high home prices, it is no wonder the housing market is not looking good. – MarketPlace

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  1. May I remind everybody that Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday.” Once again Pennsylvania does something on the wrong day!

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