Let’s do this my way … shall we?

Not just “over there”“Former township officials charged in corruption case” Penn Live

my way

Did you read about … | Middletown’s borough council’s retaliatory action the Middletown Press & Journal‘s “negative coverage” because “some of the councillors and the mayor  don’t like the Press and Journal‘s coverage?

Seems the councilors , two whom were not elected but appointed, and the mayor have followed the rogue third-world dictator style of wanting to have only good news, happy news disseminated. They want to punish the newspaper by redirecting its state-law required legal ad notices to the Patriot-News in Harrisburg.

The Press & Journal has responded to the borough’s decision with a law suit.

In this Press & Journal editorial, the newspaper explains why it chose to seek legal recourse:

Protecting the right to report news without fear of government retribution is the core issue asserted in the federal civil rights suit filed on behalf of the Press & Journal in U.S. District Court in Harrisburg on Tuesday.”

government controlled media

Curiously, the borough’s decision was not on the agenda for the September 18 council meeting, though the announcement of a council vacancy was. The minutes for that meeting, however, record: “Aaron Martin of Mette, Evans & Woodside was in attendance to request Council enter into discussions with the Press & Journal regarding placing future publications in their paper.”

Given that action happened at the September 18 meeting, there’s no record in the minutes of the assertion in the Patriot-News article that states, “‘Upon receiving a copy of the warning letter, Mayor Curry contemptuously ripped it in half and threw the pieces on the council table,’ the suit states.”

A few days ago, Columbia news, views & reviews wrote about the borough’s council president announcement of his decision to resign from the council in early October. We also praised the borough’s live streaming and on-demand viewing — though now it appears that back-room deals happen out of public view.

Wouldn’t it be lovely? | If folks in Columbia could have what folks in Middletown have? Live streaming and on-demand viewing of Borough Council meetings. At this month’s meeting the council borough president announced his resignation.

It’s really confusing and disheartening that Middletown borough has slithered into the dictator-style decision to retaliate against a free press. The borough has a history of transparency … live streaming; incredibly detailed minutes and a model Website that’s easy to negotiate.


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