Monday’s news items [Why?, Wegman’s, benefit auction, Death Cafe & more] – 10/29/2018


Why? | Why hasn’t the county district attorney’s office yet released the name of the driver of the woman whose actions caused the deaths of two Warwick High School students?

Selective information released | This Lititz Borough police CrimeWatch report of an accident just yesterday does identify a driver, an “‘erratic’ 63-year-old driver”, involved in a crash. But for some unknown reason, the driver who caused the Friday crash is not being identified.

Is is because that driver is a white woman? | A woman with “connections”?

From the Lancaster Independent Press Website

good to be whiteSame story – two sides (below)

29 meet tommy

WEGMANSVisited Wegman’s for the first time yesterday. Stopped by the Burger Bar and peeked into the grocery store. The parking lot, the store and the Burger Bar were packed with people. Have a look.


From facebook | This is what your great-parents’ caravan looked like | An inconvenient fact. Or it could be great-great grandparents — little matter which — no difference as people from another nation seek / sought better lives for their families.

Nationalists across the globe | Brazil gets a despotic nationalist a la Duterte, Erdogan, Xi, Kim Jong-un & yours truly. – BuzzFeed News

Who is he? | “Brazil’s new president is a far-right figurehead and ex-paratrooper known for lashing out at women, minorities, and indigenous groups.”The Guardian

benefit auction

“Never captured | Vietnam medevac pilot from Harrisburg is a POW nonetheless” Penn Live


OPINION | “The media exaggerates negative news. This distortion has consequences”The Guardian

od rate lancaster

“Overdose deaths continue to soar in Pa. | How many died in your county?”Penn Live

11-2018 Death Cafe

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