“unique circumstances” – REALLY?

da mum

The silence — blaming unique circumstances — adds to the distancing of belief in government.

Look at some of the comments following this Lancaster Online article.

  • What I find sad about the “journalists'” coverage of this horrible crash is that they’re just holding mics and saying, “OK”. They’re not pursuing any details. Whatever government tells them is a-ok. Sure, we’ll wait, no pressure. Whatever, whenever… 😦
  • So they are withholding her name and she’s not a danger to anyone else because she can’t drive???🙄🤔 But we give out names of people who are arrested for murder (and are innocent until proven guilty) they are locked up and can’t case danger to anyone else! Sounds dumb right???
  • Medical reason or not her name should have been released by now. Something doesn’t seem right. Also, I see a lot of people saying seizure, medical condition etc. If you are indeed epileptic you are not supposed to be driving…period! For this exact reason so stop making excuses people!!!!!
  • Ok, so she must be related to someone in law enforcement. This doesn’t seem right , anyone else would have been arrested and name plastered everywhere by now .
  • Either that or related to one of upstanding politicans.
  • Lord lord knows if this was a young person they would not be given this much benefit of the doubt. Their name would be released, they’d be charge with vehicular homicide, and would not be free. No seizure or strok makes a person speed up when see cops lights and hear sirens.

Citizens have a right to expect those in government in this nation to be truthful, honest, and forthright. What applies for one, has to apply for all.

An absence of information, delayed information, shielded information … destroys citizen confidence in government.

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