Thursday’s news items [Fear; extremism; reason & more] – 11/1/2018


Columbia in York County | Yep, one of the candidates for the US House of Representatives repeatedly played the fear game. This York Dispatch article about the recent Smucker-King debate shows it: “The Republican compared the caravan to the ‘entire city of Columbia coming across the river to York County.'”

Wrongo, Lloyd | First Columbia’s not a city. And York Countians likely wouldn’t reject Columbians. Lloyd, too, according to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster made other incorrect statements: “In Smucker’s first public comments about the caravan, he roughly doubled its actual size. The Mexican government estimates there are now about 4,000 migrants in the caravan, down from as many as 7,000 earlier in their journey. So, it’s less than half the size of Lancaster County’s 10,300-resident river town.”

Second site | Columbia Kettle works opens in downtown LancasterLancaster Online

republicans smile

Voice of reason | This column: “Let’s stand together for peace at a troubled time.” – Lancaster Online

Why? | Noticed while reading through The Reading Eagle on Tuesday there was only one “political” letter-to-the-editor in that newspaper. That’s quite a contract from the number in Lancaster County’s daily “hold-it-in-your-hands” newspaper. Today, again, there’s a page and a half of politically based letters. Are Lancaster Countians so much more politically involved or is the party division so much more extreme here?

Gone: a baseball legend | “Willie McCovey’s presence was one of a kind”The San Francisco Chronicle


Just lovely | “This is a white neighborhood”FOX43-TV

“‘Saviors of the white race’ | Perpetrators of hate crimes see themselves as heroes, researchers say”The Washington Post

long reads

“Another ‘Civil War’? | Pessimism About Political Violence Deepens In A Divided Nation” – NPR

“17 years of war | (and more to come)”Le Monde Diplomatique

Who wants to be a nationalist? | See what it’s like: “Bosnia’s ethnic nationalism”Le Monde Diplomatique



  1. So, when are you Columbians planning to move west to York County. I need to know so that we can get our welcoming committees prepared.

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