Friday’s news items – 11/2/2018

Dog bite | Columbia police officer bitten – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch


Election day is on Tuesday | Refer to “LNP’s 2018 Voters’ Guide, equipped with everything you need to know about the candidates and what to do on Election Day.”

Perfect! | “Hate mowing? The new low-mow grass at Wheatland only had to be cut once this year” Lancaster Online

cfd legal

A letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | “Would Smucker surrender salary? Is Congressman Lloyd Smucker’s political ad, currently running several times a day across my TV screen, supposed to be serious, funny or ironic? It blares loudly that opponent Jess King’s salary is being paid by a “socialist” from California. Ooh! It’s Halloween. Let’s scare some folks. Ladies and gentlemen, Smucker’s salary is being paid by the U.S. government. That’s you and your friends and all of us. His salary is being funded with our tax money. If King doesn’t take the bare-bones salary that allows her to run, would Smucker be willing to give up his lush monthly salary ($14,500), plus medical insurance, plus retirement and all the perks that go with that salary, to even the field?” – Jay George, Rapho Township

rising tide

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