Friday’s news items [taxes; inflation & more] – 11/9/2018

Long time coming | “Pa. Roman Catholic dioceses outline child sex abuse victim funds”WITF

Best Places to Work | Wegman’s and Sheetz are on the Fortune 100 BEST list.


Better not to be number one on this list | Property taxes in Lancaster County

Sure bet | Slimy POTUS is hoping for the worst The New York Times

Economics | “Revenues would be much higher without the Trump tax plan.”The Balance

Murky waters | Auditor General: “I don’t want to hear any crap about nuance, about it was from this fund and not that fund and any of that other crap and that nonsense. This was public money that was used. Public money.” – FOX43-TV

Toomey, really! Is that what you think? | “I think the president understands that it’s best for Bob Mueller to finish his investigation.”The Morning Call

tax revenues

on track | Venezuela will reach 1,000,000 million percent inflation rate this year.– Reuters

Drowning | More Sears & Kmart store closings; closest is at Berkshire Mall in Berks County

Oh, yeah | They just hand out the “Medal of Honor, Purple Heart and a ‘Navy War Medal’”PennLive

Sheriff Sale list in Lancaster County | not many in Columbia, but properties for $300 and $400 thousand on the list?

5-12-18 preschool

Cold coming | but, snow?Penn Live




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