Today’s news items – 11/13/2018

Small, but mighty | Columbia’s High School band placed second, and won the most improved award in the Independence Open division, in weekend band competition. – Lancaster Online


Hidden borough council votes? Cracks in brand new curbs and sidewalks? Old and news issues concerning water in basements and flooded streets? Traffic plans for childcare drop-offs on Locust street? “short-sighted incompetence”? Drainage and weeds? Lots of women in and out of a property on Fifth Street? Negative flow drains? No returned phone calls from borough staff? At last night’s council meeting, citizens stepped up and SAID SOMETHING. The council president said that the borough manager will look into the issues.


Busy CPD Theft, burglary, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, harassment, trespassing, DUI, contempt of court are just some of the reported criminal acts at the Columbia Police Department’s Crime Watch Page for yesterday.

Where there’s crime around here | ADT unveils interactive crime mapping tool – news release

Crime map | “When you’re thinking about moving into a new neighborhood, there’s far more to consider than curb appeal and square footage. In reality, you need to know as much about the community you’ll be living in as the house you’re planning on buying. Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll do a fair number of walk-throughs and appraisals to make sure there are no hidden surprises. Shouldn’t you be doing the same for your new neighborhood?”

Not a holiday! | At last night’s council meeting, the mayor announced he’d taken a ration of complaints about street sweeper parking tickets issued on Monday. Seems lots of folks reckoned that the official Veterans Day holiday was observed on Monday rather than the actual date of November 11. Problem is, said the mayor, that Columbia is open for business on Veterans Day because it’s not a borough recognized holiday. He asked the council for consideration in the future.

Continued “uglification” | And destruction of the beauty of Lancaster County as another developer chews up beautiful landscape.

colorado wildland

DIC backpedals again | The “dickhead in charge” has now tweeted “good stuff” about the firefighters he blasted a few days ago. A few years ago, we attended the Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy to learn more about urban/wildland interface firefighting; the DIC should learn more about topics before spouting off.

Firefighting and incident management is just one more thing that “pussy grabbing, bone-spur claimants” cannot do.

Letter writers ask | “Trump couldn’t just express empathy for California fire victims. What’s the matter with him?” The Los Angeles Times

Training in the rain | “Tweet appears to mock US president who cancelled visit to war graves due to weather” The Guardian


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