More Tuesday news items, part 2 [GO-Ohtani; same-same close-minded Lancaster County; snow?] – 11/13/2018

Really? | “When we first moved to Lancaster five years ago, I did not realize how close-minded the population could be.” That’s in a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Yes, indeed, Lancaster is a homogeneously-minded place. Do not dare to think otherwise.

marietta womanFrom left to right: Kaitlyn Aston, Meria Mowrer – (SOURCE – FOX43-TV)

Marietta woman wanted | Two women are wanted after they allegedly knocked a man unconscious and robbed him.FOX43-TV

thursday weather

Winter cometh | Thursday: “‘Winterlike’ storm could bring snow, mixed precipitation to Pa.”Penn Live

Remember this? | Remember these April and September 2018 posts at Columbia news, views & reviews:

ohtaniHere’s a just wrong article from The Sporting News.

Now there’s this! | Ohtani is American League Rookie of the YearThe Los Angeles Times

Gotta’ love the anarchy in the Catholic leadership | “Retired Pa. bishop defies successor, attends bishops’ meeting” WITF

OPINION | DIC (dickhead in charge) “… knows the true meaning of sacrifice”The Washington Post

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