Wednesday’s news items [haters; firefighters; extraordinary Give; fatal crash in town; Witness abuse] – 11/14/2018

It’s just not the Catholic church | “‘Punished’ for being sexually abused in York County: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ culture of cover-up” WITF

ATTN: RWNJ haters | Just look at the diversity on the Fortune Magazine “30 under 30” in Healthcare list. Isn’t it time to drop the fear-mongering, wall-building, racist fanaticism that the DIC wants you to buy into.


In awe of firefighters | Still these men and women do what they do as “53 CA Firefighters Lose Homes to Blaze”

Town is gone | The town of Paradise, CA is literally gone; Paradise Fire Department’s facebook page continues.

DIC | A wet hair daydisrespects firefighters and veterans … but keeps the mop dry.

Fatal crash | “On 11-12-18 at approx. 10:40PM the Columbia Borough Police were called to a vehicle accident at the intersection of N. 3rd St. and Rt. 441. Officers arrived on scene to find a single vehicle into a traffic signal pole. The male occupant, James Smith (30) of Columbia was deceased upon arrival of the officers. If anyone observed this incident occur they are asked to submit a tip below or contact Ofc. Brent Keyser at 717-684-7735. – Columbia Police CrimeWatch


Getting closeThe 2018 EXTRAordionary GIVE is less than 2 days away. On November 16, thousands of Lancaster Countians (and others) will be making contributions to one or more of the 500 participating organizations that make this county a special, caring place to live.

Columbia participating organizations | Click here

Hm-m-m-m | The Columbia Economic Development Corporation is on that list — and we cannot fathom how they fit into the model of an organization that serves residents of Lancaster County.  Maybe they reckon, “We’re conducting an extensive outreach effort to attract new investments, and have just signed an agreement to work with the Lancaster County Land Bank on securing a developer for Hotel Locust/Hotel Columbia.”

Small list of benefactors | Maybe the CEDC should concentrate on expanding its benefactors or updating its Website.

Be transparent, too | Why does the CEDC not have its meetings and minutes posted?

cedc 990

Click here or on the graphic to download the IRS Form 990-EZ for 2017.

“so this is a great time to give money to CEDC”? | Yup, that’s what it says at the anemic “post-of-the-month” CEDC facebook page.


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