Friday’s news items [school delay; money stuff; a do-something Economic Development Corporation & more ] – 11/16/2018

Two-hour delay | Columbia Borough School District schoolsLancaster Online  [Not communicated though at the District’s Website as Hempfield‘s is. Columbia just loves to undercommunicate.]

You ain’t RWNJ enough, you ain’t rich enough| FOX News Writer jabs new US Congresswoman for not having enough money –  FOX News

Now common | Young adults living with an unmarried partner – US Census Bureau

dollar stores$1.25 stores | “The first wave of U.S. tariffs on Chinese products that hit over the summer didn’t really touch consumer goods. But the second wave is going to touch a lot more everyday items, reaching the little gadgets and toys that are sold at dollar stores.” – MarketPlace

bad landlords | “Ten percent of low-income women said their landlords had sexually harassed them.”Futurity

Precisely | “Maybe if penndot did their job and salted thw roads and was plowing from the start, none of this would have happened.” Comment following this Lancaster Online article about yesterday’s snow event.

Lessons reinforced | TV Weather heads and PennDOT don’t perform as expected.

“What a pair of jeans can teach us about the global economy” MarketPlacejeans_resized1

UP: CPI | “In October, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 0.3 percent seasonally adjusted; rising 2.5 percent over the last 12 months, not seasonally adjusted. The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.2 percent in October (SA); up 2.1 percent over the year (NSA).” – Bureau of Labor Statistics

griddle & grind

Chai served here | Ephrata’s newest addition, Griddle & Grind Cafe, operates at a site leased from the Ephrata Economic Development Corp., which bought the property in January 2017. – LNP – Always Lancaster

Not “new” news | “Lancaster County municipalities get over $2.7 million in state funding for volunteer fire companies.” Columbia’s FD gets $41,962.62.


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