“scenes seen” | Don’t those other boroughs know?

Wouldn’t you think that Ephrata and Lititz would catch on?

borough holiday hoursSeriously, the meter officers will be working on Saturday. Isn’t that another way to say, go somewhere else to shopping?

Wouldn’t you think they’d follow Columbia’s lead and get rid of that crazy notion that bagging the parking meters (they believe) influences downtown shopping during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

ephbagEphrata bags its meters.

lititz bagSo does Lititz.

lititz bagged meters

All their meters


Oh, but Lititz welcomes apartments and condos, too. You’d think towns like Lititz would follow the lead  of towns that disdain renters and don’t welcome shoppers to shop their downtowns.

gas in wvilleDrove across The Bridge late this afternoon for gas that is 20 cents a gallon less than gas in Columbia. Seriously, gas prices in Columbia are that much higher. 

moonBut the moon was visible (and “capturable” on the mobile camera) in Wrightsville. 

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  1. Speaking of the moon, about 5:15 this afternoon, I was driving east on Route 30 and saw the beautiful almost full moon above the horizon. BTW, tomorrow about the only truly good thing I can say about Black Friday is that the moon will indeed by FULL!

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