Wednesday’s news items [K2; tear gas and beer] – 11/28/2018

“‘If it smells ‘macho,’ it’s bad news’ | Fire departments try to change rugged culture amid cancer debate”The Chicago Tribune


K2 (not so innocent)What is it? 

It’s everywhere | Lancaster’s grappling with it.

tear gas

Harsh, terrifying | but it’s legal to use on civilians. Veterans of the US military will have recollection of basic training and the day they went to the “gas chamber.”

A difference in a military training exercise and employing tear gas against defenseless immigrants, including women and children is marked.

“But even though the effects of tear gas wear off, its symptoms are harsh and terrifying, including severe eye irritations and difficulty breathing. The United States may justify firing tear gas across the border as legal, but the decision to use an indiscriminate, psychologically terrifying toxic chemical was excessive and certainly immoral.” – USAToday article

From Turkey to Texas | Repressive Middle Eastern governments really love the stuff, don’t they?” 

crash course against police state tactics | “(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Tear Gas”Mental Floss

Columbia Kettle Works | and 17 other “Lancaster County brewers will tap the same IPA in December to help Camp Fire victims”

Beer stronghold | “During this time, before Prohibition, Lancaster County produced seven percent of the all the beer, ale, and lager consumed in the United States.” – Welcome to Lancaster County

Today: bad decision then | “Johnson advised to bomb North Vietnam”

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