Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [Market House; free pancake breakfast; illegal gaming; heathens; SROs & more] – 11/28/2018

Higher and higher The only county municipality with higher taxes than Columbia will raise taxes for 2019. – Lancaster Online

Just-in-time info | “Master Gardener Tips for Christmas Trees”Penn State Entension

market house

Love it | If the rendition of the Market House at the Healthy Columbia facebook page is a sign of things to come, we’re all in. Look at the architectural modifications on the arched roof and the pedestrian walkway outside. Using the outside of the Market House was recommended over a dozen years ago in the $75,000 plus 2005 Market House Study.

pancake breakfast

Prize, chance, consideration | An area dining establishment announces a raffle with a social media post: “come in and have a meal! It’s easy, for every paid check your name will be entered into the raffle.” Sounds fine, but it’s not legal. Find out why by reading this article: Sweepstakes, Contests and Lotteries: Unless You’re a Church or State Government, You’d Better Know The Difference.”

The code | “The Pennsylvania Crimes Code provides that all forms of gambling are illegal unless the Pennsylvania Legislature specifically authorizes the gambling activity by statute.  Gambling exists when there is a payment of consideration or a fee or something of value for the opportunity for a prize or reward, the winner of which is determined by chance. Effectively, the three elements are: (1) consideration, (2) chance and (3) prize or reward.”

dems repent

Repent now … you democratic sinners – Letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

“First lady holds addiction town hall with HHS, DHS | First lady Melania Trump will be at Liberty University in Virginia today for a town hall about the addiction crisis, which she has said is one of her top priorities. Joining her at the event are HHS Secretary Alex Azar; Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen; former Fox News host Eric Bolling, whose son died of an overdose; and Dianna Hart, the mother of singer Demi Lovato, who has struggled with addiction. Liberty is streaming the event on its Facebook page at 10:30 a.m. ET. – STAT: Morning Rounds

Extract head from butt DeVoss admits America’s $1.5 trillion student-debt problem – MarketWatch


Gulp! the cost of the officer is $141,227 | Municipalities in the Cocalico School District are considering a School Resource Officer and figuring out how to pay for the position according to the Municipal Briefs article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

The AAF – where season tickets start at $75 Yep, the Hack will play where he can; he’s a second-round draft pick – Penn Live

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