Wednesday afternoon ride down Walnut Street and DIC-tator drama

Here’s a right-seat trip down Walnut Street this afternoon. Looks like there’s restorative work, quite a bit, too, being done on some of the identified issues here: “That shouldn’t happen.”

insanityThese are the social media posts of a sane, rational person?

DIC-tator drama | The daily spewing of his inaccurate and maladjusted viewpoints of the world just defy logic. It’s a good protection we enjoy in this country — when elected public servants take to social media to try to vindicate themselves while maligning the very citizens they are elected to represent citizens can respond and cannot be blocked

business or pleasure | It’s a mixed bag and quite confusing with public officials’ social media accounts – The Hill

Clueless about lots | “Trump’s ‘worldwide network’ is a great idea. But it already exists.” The Washington Post

good news

There’s good news | State Senator Ryan Aument’s logical and concise facebook post: “Two mainstay and false arguments of the climate debate — “It’s all a hoax” and “Renewable energy alone can save us” — are beginning to lose steam.…/new-climate-realism-emerges-ener… 

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