Thursday’s news items [humility; County Commissioner’s candidates; Santa in Mountville & more] – 12/6/2018

Best quote | During yesterday’s memorial services for former US President George H.W. Bush, long time friend Alan Simpson’s comment is excellent: “Those who travel the high road of humility in Washington, D.C., are not bothered by heavy traffic.”  That’s true at all levels of governance.

Pariah POTUS | “All alone am I” at funeral serviceThe Washington Post

“This is your ‘Christian’ evangelical president.” Doesn’t recite Apostle’s Creed.The Washington Post

12-11 river park meeting

Seeking Commissioner slot | Ray D’Agostino joins in the hunt for a county commissioner’s role along with former Columbia Borough Manager, Greg Sahd. D’Agostino is the chief of the Lancaster County Housing Opportunity Partnership. D’Agostino campaigned for county commissioner in 2015; he has also served as a former township manager in West Lampeter and borough manager in Mount Joy. He also had a brief stint as state Sen. Lloyd Smucker’s chief of staff, according to a 2015 Penn Live article. 

About time! | “Lancaster D.A. to announce major development in crash investigation that killed two students”ABC27-TV

wrightsville sportsmanWade Michael Winemiller

Sportsman | Wrightsville man charged with allegedly assaulting Game Commission Officer WFMX69-TV

Oh, the hypocrisy | “Pa. teacher fired from Catholic school due to pregnancy out of wedlock” Penn Live

Veterans duped | Saudi capitalists paid their housing at Trump hotel. – The Washington Post

Saturday, December 8 | Mountville Fire Department’s Cookies with Santa


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