better than B-I-N-G-O! But then, there’s real-life hero.

when bingo in't enough

It’s yet another case of “trusted staffers” stealing as “Two Nuns Stole $500,000 from a Catholic School to Gamble in Las Vegas.

Another article contends, the nuns were “telling parents the school was operating on a shoestring budget, officials and parents said.”

And this article says, ” … the church doesn’t want them prosecuted.”

Non pay must be pretty good, “Because the order is willing to repay the money, the archdiocese has decided not to pursue criminal charges against them.

We couldn’t find a word about it at the school’s Website nor the Diocese’s.

What’s with these folks? Pretend it didn’t happen and it’ll go away?

180 degrees to the opposite is this heart-breaking story about single parent firefighter who died a day ago in Worcester, MA.

That’s the kind of hero who wins our admiration and respect.


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