meeting “interruptus” | Columbia’s borough council meeting notes from last night’s meeting

Last night’s borough council meeting began at 7:06 pm and was finally concluded at 1020 pm. The meeting was extended in duration because the council president called for a withdrawal from the meeting for a council executive session to discuss personnel matters at 8:55 pm. The meeting was reconvened at 1015 pm; it was ultimately adjourned at 10:20 pm after agenda items II., 11,, l., m. & n. were discussed and, ultimately, passed.

In attendance last night:

  • the entire council
  • one of the junior councillors
  • the mayor
  • the borough solicitor
  • the borough manager
  • the newly appointed (at the meeting) assistant borough manager
  •  the newly appointed (at the meeting) finance manager and
  • approximately 15 persons in the audience, including citizens, media and borough employees.

12-10 council meeting

During the meeting, several citizens spoke about issues on the preliminary agenda.

A citizen spoke about the proposed new “rules of decorum for public meetings” that are included in the meeting packet.

That agenda item (II, 12, p) was tabled to a future meeting.

Another citizen and former borough manager, Norm Meiskey, addressed several issues and challenged the councillors to reconsider several decisions concerning hiring and budget issues.

Listen to his comments about the borough’s “slush fund” here:

Listen to his comments about some of the borough’s staffing decisions here:

Listen to his comments about some of the borough’s staffing decisions favoring “certain people” here:

The council voted to disapprove agenda item II., 11., i. (assigning the former Hotel Columbia and Hotel Locust to the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority) after bringing it forward from the previous month’s tabling it. Interestingly, there was no representation from the Authority nor the Columbia Economic Development Authority at the meeting).

— to be continued —

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