Tuesday’s news items [9 Lives recall; property taxes for leased property; legal notices; ethics & more] – 12/11/2018

“Free parking is good for any business.” | And yet another municipality finds sanityWFMZ69-TV

Confirmed | The mayor confirmed what what’s been told to us during a conversation during the “confab interruptus” at last night’s meeting: The borough does have bags to cover the meters and the town could easily provide an assist to all downtown retailers during the critical holiday shopping period.

chronic kidneya remarkable move in the wrong direction | “chronic kidney disease, as well as the probability of death related to chronic kidney disease, have increased substantially over the past 15 years” – Futurity

Where California goes, others follow | “California is the first state to require solar panels on all new new homes” – MarketPlace

9 lives

Recalled | “Voluntary Recall of Specific Lots of 9 Lives® Protein Plus® Wet, Canned Cat Food Due to Low Levels of Thiamine (Vitamin B1)”Food and Drug Administration

Front Street former Fire Station property | At last night’s council meeting, councillor John Novak presented the issue of property tax considerations for the now “not of the tax rolls” property owned by the borough. If the borough accepts the lease offer for the station, it will be leased to a private business. What will be the tax considerations, Novak wondered. The property currently is assessed at $1,224,900.

Just plain dumb | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s POLICE LOG there are several reports about people smashing car windows at shopping centers and taking purses from the vehicles. HINT: DON’T LEAVE YOUR PURSE IN YOUR CARS! EVER!

Just plain dumber | It’s illegal to record without permission.FOX43-TV

stinkin rules

Rules and ethics? Why? | LNP – Always Lancaster editorial bashes elected public servant for ethics violations. Rightly so; all elected public servants have to be held accountable.

This is what happens with ethical board members | “Nearly all 16 school board members” want the teacher reinstated.Penn Live

And where’d the money come from? | “One Pa. diocese says abuse cases have cost it $21M since ’99”WITF

lightening legal

LEGAL NOTICE (above) in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | At last night’s council meeting, Ordinance 908 (expansion of the Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone was approved by council. It’s next test will be at the next School Board of Directors’ meeting. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Website, “Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ) and Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zones (KOEZ) are geographic areas that can provide specific state and local tax benefits. The goal of the KOZ/KOEZ program is to revive economically distressed urban and rural communities with one of the most powerful market-based incentives – eliminating taxes.”

sd 2019 meetings

And this is why the state law exists | This LEGAL NOTICE for 2019 School District Board of Directors meeting dates is in the small print pages of today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Try to find the information on the School District’s Website.

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