Monday’s news items [communicating; “Beer over Budget”; tough to find information & more] – 12/10/2018

Lancaster’s onto something | This little article is in today’s  LNP – Always Lancaster: Budget over beer. The city’s doing some innovative things to get message involvement with citizens. Note the LiveStreaming via its facebook page. What if  Columbia had a Tellus 360-like place.

budget over beer

“That’s not gonna’ fly.” | Thats what former Columbia School District School Superintendent Bob Hollister said at a Eastern Lancaster County School District school board meeting when introducing “a policy designed to establish social media structure on websites like Twitter and Facebook. As an example, if a teacher owns a personal webpage tied to the district that promotes outsider business, ‘that’s not gonna fly’ moving forward … ”

Opioid death | “He was mayor of a Schuylkill County town at age 22” The Morning Call

Challenging | Finding authoritative information about street cleaning in Columbia. Just look at this post and partial string from a facebook page:

when does the streetsweeper run

It’s really difficult finding information at the Borough Website; here are the results of searches for “street cleaning” at Columbia’s Website and at Lancaster’s.

Street sweeper websites



  1. Even when the borough suspends street sweeping service they will not tell you when the its to resume. Because of the Walnut street reconstruction street sweeping was suspended on 6th streets and 7th streets. A very nice gesture by the boro but,Two weeks ago WITHOUT ANY NOTICE the boro started issuing tickets to the cars on the Monday sweeping side. (Everybody learned for Tuesdays Side.) I had to pay the $10 but, THE BORO SUCKS!!!!!!
    Parking notice | “Parking Enforcement for Street Sweeping has been suspended on 6th and 7th Streets from Locust Street to Chestnut Street and on the 500 and 600 Blocks of Walnut Street due to road construction beginning immediately and until further notice.” – Columbia Borough CrimeWatch page

  2. Given the “until further notice” message, if there was no further notice before street sweeping was resumed, everybody on the affected streets should get their fine money back. Take the boro to court!

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