Today’s news [a yes/no day] – 12/14/2018


Yes | Lancaster County Commissioners say no property tax increase in 2019

No | Columbia borough councillors at last night’s budget meeting say “yes” to a property tax increase from 6.6 mils to 8 mils in  2019. 


  1. Five Republicans voted yes to raise taxes and two Democrats voted yes to raise taxes. A unanimous vote. Now it’s our turn to vote. Four of these “YES” voters will be on the ballot in 2019. Vote them out.

  2. Some folks have been focused on the “party” and I was trying to show it doesn’t matter what party, they ALL voted yes. Seven residents have made a decision that effects all of us. As was just demonstrated, local voting and the resulting elected officials have a great impact on your day to day living. Choose them wisely next time.

  3. I expect to pay for services and projects that we “need,” police, fire, schools, streets, but not for someone’s “want” and surely I do not believe my tax dollars should be used to assist private businesses to profit. In my lifetime and career, I’ve gotten nothing from the government for free. However, if I keep being taxed at this rate, I’ll be lining up for whatever I can get. My taxes go up and my standard of living goes down so others can profit from abatements and low interest loans.

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