OPINION | “What a difference a day makes” or “Rudy, is this where you learned that ‘Truth isn’t truth!’?”

“‘Truth isn’t truth,’ says Rudy Giuliani. But nonsense is still nonsense” 

The above August 20, 2018 headline from The Guardian rang true, we think, at tonight’s Columbia Borough School District Board of Directors’ meeting. When a citizen asked what changes had been made from one version of a posted school board meeting agenda to another — just days apart. There were no indications that one superseded the other or what changes had been made between the separate iterations.

Worse yet, the school board of director president said only one change had been made.

Here’s the Columbia news, views & reviews reader (proof reader) challenge. Review each of these agendas and find the differences. Respond either in an email to 17512@mail.com or in a comment following this column with all the item changes in the agendas. Do this by Saturday, December 15, 2018 before midnight and you’ll qualify to win* a $25 gift certificate to use at Rose’s Deli & More compliments of Columbia news, views & reviews.

Because there are two local online news sources, the two separate agendas are captured at Columbia news, views & reviews here and Columbia Spy here.
sb agenda 3


sb agenda cnvr

*All email or comments submitted and identified an email or a comment with contact information will be entered in a random drawing and the winner will be announced on Monday, December 17, 2018. No purchase is required and the winning entry will be drawn in a random drawing of all entries submitted. 

It’s worse that we thought – just re-confirmed this (below) now is the agenda that’s posted at the School District’s Website. And this is getting really confusing, isn’t it?

sb agenda 3


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  1. At last night’s school board meeting board member Barry Ford made a statement that, in part, admonished residents who do not attend school board meetings. When is the last time Mr. Ford attended a borough council or committee meeting?

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