More Friday news items, part 2 [from elsewhere] – 12/21/2018

Why is it that those who most fervently claim to be Republicans are the ones who get a bunch of transfer payments and government handouts?

The Most Conservative Counties Are the Ones That Get the Most Government Assistance


“Trump’s share of the vote in 2016 and transfers as a share of income in counties across the United States” – Sources: David Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections; Bureau of Economic Analysis | By The New York Times

Where Government Is a Dirty Word, but Its Checks Pay the BillsThe residents of Harlan County, Ky., depend heavily on federal assistance. That hasn’t deterred, and may explain, their swing to Republican voting.” The New York Times

’tis the season | “Carolling at Christmas”Comment

autocratic government | Dictators eventually fallOZY

“AFTER SHOCKA recession is coming. Trump will make it so much worse.”The Washington Post

Change has to come | fewer firefighters WESA – NPR

another factory death | another DIC lieThe Guardian


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