Monday’s news items [the day before Christmas; where’s the baby?; petitions; one city tries a fix & more] – 12/24/2018

756 so far | That’s the number of petition signatures to date according to Columbia Spy. The petitions (to repeal the Columbia Borough property tax increase) were circulated last Thursday and Friday. According to the latest US Census data, there are 10,432 people living in the borough; 76.6% (around 7,968) are over age 18. That’s nearly 10 percent of the adult population. In the recent November election, around 2,825 persons in Columbia voted. The 756 petitions represents around 27 percent of the number of persons who voted.

The 756 petitions is more than the votes garnered by any of the councillors who were elected in November 2017.

The first | Saint Francis of Assisi in 1223 Smithsonian Magazine


Today’s challenge | How to Keep Baby Jesus in the Manger?”The New York Times

Paywall blocks this | There’s an article in today’s Reading Eagle, “CEOs create Berks Alliance to transform the community” (unfortunately, unless you pay to bridge the paywall, you cannot read it) that addresses Reading’s initiative to turn around its current direction.

While the leaders of this new initiative “were looking for a silver bullet, the one thing that we could get involved in that would make all the difference,” they came to the conclusion there was none. They found that by involving concerned organization’s leaderships that “the collective impact of investing together. Change in any community takes time to happen. It requires leaders to pursue goals despite criticism and lack of understanding.”

After meeting and talking with and visiting other cities that had successes in transformation, they came to the conclusion that: “The community already has economic development people who focus on buildings and businesses. What was needed was a focus on community development. Berks Alliance operates as a community influencer.”

A.C.E.S. | “A teacher discovers the magnitude of childhood trauma in his classroom” ACES Connection

Tough lady | She’s back! Days after surgery.The Boston Globe

An issue | “The US also stands out as one of the most unequal coun­tries for wealth distribution among the rich nations … ”BBC





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