Interesting news items about and from here and there [Santa is “marginal”; photo essays (fading dreams); Columbia Ladies Event & more – 12/26/2018

Yep, that’s POTUS. | “Trump tells a child on Christmas Eve that believing in Santa at 7 years old is ‘marginal’”The Boston Globe [But, of course, it’s OK because she never heard the word before, supporters will say.]

Ah, yes, nostalgia | A bygone era that may have been great for one group of people – but may have been oppressive for others; nostalgia is the refuge of aging white folks. “Social media may be the beta blocker to nostalgia,” but golden agers often use social media to glorify the greatness of whatever, the happiest of happy days for them.

Columbia is one of them | Four Lancaster County towns make the list of “2018’s Best Places for Families to Live in Pennsylvania”WalletHub

The Pope’s message | Asks for a centrist theme: “Our differences, then, are not a detriment or a danger; they are a source of richness.”

End welfare; but not corporate welfare | It continues to astound that folks like a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster whine and condemn welfare acts as “providing free Naloxane” but support corporate welfare programs.

PA supports corporate welfare without tax increase | “$791,000 in PLCB Grants for Developing, Promoting Pennsylvania Beers” Governor’s Website

Yeah, sure | “Judge orders North Korea to pay more than $500 million in damages for Otto Warmbier’s death”The Washington Post

Parenting today | “As the gap between rich and poor increases, the cost of screwing up increases.”The New York Times

spam“A fellow worker (at a store in the greater metro Manila area) checks her spam.” Credit – Erik De Castro/Reuters

Are You There, User? It’s Me, Facebook!Social platforms want to run the world. But look how they treat your email.”The New York Times

Lloyd, evangelicals, others: Please read. | “Opinion: None of Us Deserve CitizenshipThe New York Times

Where we won’t – others will | “In Venezuela, Russia pockets key energy assets in exchange for cash bailouts”The Washington Post

america in declineWilkes-Barre, 2017

Portraits | The fading American Dream [” … a deeply personal exploration of a once prosperous region of Pennsylvania now plagued by decay, depression and loss … ”] – The Washington Post

Not fading | The “Columbia Christmas Ladies” eventFOX43-TV

More portraits | Another of The Washington Post‘s photographic journals spotlights another marginalized group of people: The Irish Travellers.


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