Who’s on the list?

The Lancaster County December 2018 Delinquent Tax Report  (Amounts are NOT certified. Total due is subject to change. Interest accrues monthly on the first day of a new month.) is listed at the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Webpage and contains 80 pages of names of Lancaster County property owners which are in arrears on property taxes.


Columbia news, views & reviews has published links to the Delinquent Tax Reports numerous times:


  1. It is so nice to still see one of our esteemed council members is still on the back tax list. Why would he care if taxes go up since he doesn’t pay his. But he can sure spend other people’s money.

  2. It’s amazing to me that no one has questioned this in the entire time he has served on council. When I brought it up last summer it was called a “personal attack”. It was nowhere near a personal attack, he is an elected official and thereby at the very least owes his constituents an explanation. Then he votes yes to a tax hike. It doesn’t matter if it’s the school taxe or municipal tax, we ALL must pay both. Lead by example.

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