Thursday’s news items [dining review; Accomac sold; Joe Cocker obituary; three DUI’s & more] – 12/27/2018

GOOD AND PLENTY REVIEWOther reviews | Yelp and Trip Advisor

New owners coming | Accomac Inn sold for a million; staff will be paid – The York Daily Record

LEGAL NOTICE | Centerville Road Improvement Project Open House Plans DisplayLancaster Online

How long can you expect to live? | “These new data are available to everyone via the easy-to-use interactive tool available here. Typing in your street address reveals the average life expectancy for a baby born in your census tract or area, if current death rates do not change. You can then compare your area to nearby neighborhoods or communities, to county- and state-level data, as well as the national average.” – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Obituary | Joe CockerVariety

Three DUI’s? | now a felonyWITF

Not for the timid | Dow jumps “more than 1,050 points, its biggest point gain in history”The Washington Post

Time reminds us | It’s happened before

It’s not easy being the queen | But then there’s the goldThe Los Angeles Times

Overstated | POTUS mispeaks about military pay increasesThe Los Angeles Times

For the record | 15 years in a


  1. It’s amazing that Joe Cocker lived as long as he did. So many Rock ‘n Rollers have passed way too early, largely because of their lifestyles. I highly recommend the movie “Mad Dogs And Englishmen.” It’s one of the best rock films. RIP, Joe!

    • Brian, a friend sent a Facebook message in response to my FB message I had sent to others about Joe’s passing that Joe Cocker dies in 2014. When i checked the Variety article you had included, I saw the date of the article as being 2014. Stop confusing us! Anyway, it’s not bother, since American’s have such short memories and it’s good to remind people of what a great singer Joe was. Happy holidays!

  2. Well, I see Columbia is still planing on eliminating one of the days of the week. I thought it was settled to be Wednesday but it appears Thursday is in the running to.

    I have reached out to borough officials and received this response though none would allow their names to be used.

    “Thursday is named for the god Thor who is known for carrying weapons and excessive drinking. This behavior should not be rewarded or encouraged by naming a day for him. The borough is still seeking the elimination of a weekday and are convinced it will result in significant savings. As soon as we can figure a way to actually increase revenues, we will not make a final decision.”

    In other words, I think today, the 27th, is Thursday.

    • Ah, Al … wrote this early this morning and goofed.

      Forgiveness is asked; operating with a head cold, too.

      Today is Thursday. All day.

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