Friday’s news items [no official communication; more on Accomac purchase; legal notice; pinball place & more] – 12/28/2018

COLUMBIA SHOOTING REPORTFinally | Something representing official communication is released in LNP – Always Lancaster. Tight-lipped police department communication contributed to lots of facebook chatter which, frankly, shared more than this newspaper article. Other than trying to maintain a “positive news” spin, what does any borough gain from not releasing timely, authoritative information to its citizens.

Harken, pinball wizards — opportunity found | “vintage arcade planned for downtown Ephrata”Lancaster Online

Accomac | It’s a million PLUS. This Lancaster Online article details the extraordinary charges the new owner is liable for in addition to the million dollar bankruptcy price paid. What jumps out is the fiscal mess left by the previous owners who racked up over $4.5 million of debt liabilities “despite generating annual revenue of nearly $2 million.”

Another institution, too? | “Quentin Riding Club is up for sale and facing an uncertain future”The Lebanon Daily News

Boosted beer budget | “Why craft beer is about to get more expensive in Pennsylvania taprooms” The Morning Call

12-28 legal

LEGAL NOTICE | in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

It’s nearly time for the 103rd PA Farm Show, January 5-12, 2019farmshow-blue

Don’t waste your dog’s poocompost it– The Conversation 

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