Tuesday’s news items [It’s a new year; Luddites and saboteurs; local media resources; robots& more] – 1/1/2019


Want happiness? | Try gifting The Conversation

2019Here it is — a brand new year. Abundant with opportunities, challenges, possibilities, scandals, events, surprises and more. Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy — two local online media resources — are completely independent citizen journalism focused on chronicling the events and happenings in and around Columbia. Neither media resource is operated for profit; costs associated with each are borne by the publishers of each.

1919: The Year of the Crack-UpFrom the Treaty of Versailles to Prohibition, the events of that year shaped America, and the world, for a century to come.”The New York Times

Home helpers | “Toyota wants to put a robot friend in every home”The Los Angeles Times

Toyota’s robots | Human Support Robot — Social Robot — Rehabilitation Robot — Social Robot  


Sabot: “French word for a shoe made, at least partly, out of wood.” | Sabotage, though, is derived from “Saboter.” “The key to the truth about the origin of ‘sabotage’ lies in the fact that the word did not arise directly from ‘sabot.’ It comes from the French verb ‘saboter,’ which means ‘to walk noisily or clumsily with, or to make a loud clattering noise with, wooden shoes.’ In an extended sense, ‘saboter’ has long also meant ‘to work clumsily or incompetently’ at any task, or ‘to make a mess of things,’ including artistic performances (dance, music, etc.). In an industrial setting, ‘sabotage’has sometimes included actually damaging machinery, usually in the course of a strike. But ‘sabotage’ in the classic ‘clumsy’ sense of ‘saboter’ has more often been used in situations where strikes and other labor actions were impossible or illegal. In such cases, workers have found that simply working very, very slowly or making frequent mistakes often helps management see reason.”

Are these Luddites saboteurs? |Wielding Rocks and Knives, Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars” The New York Times

Sabotage | The etymology The Word Detective

Luddites | The etymologyetymonline.com

“What does hate look like?A guide to symbols used by hate groups in PA.” – PublicSource


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