Wednesday’s news items [meetings: when?; cat fight; Herbalife scheme; farm show & more] – 1/2/2018

Happy Cats | Wildcats capture CitrusThe Lexington Herald-Leader

The other view | Can’t complete comback | The Daily Collegian

whichSetting your calendar? | Then you probably want to use the one posted at Columbia Spy rather than the one posted at the Borough Website? Just cannot wait for that promised new Borough Website.


Herbalife | John Oliver: It’s a “pyramid-shaped” scheme

Job fair tomorrow | 500 open positions Lancaster Online

Health care: nation’s largest employer | But what kind of jobs? Kaiser Health News

medicaid nation

“Medicaid Covers All That? | It’s The Backstop Of America’s Ailing Health System”Kaiser Health News

Do walls work? | Didn’t in ChinaGB Times

Maginot: another wall concept | Built for one era; failed in anotherBusiness Insider

Berlin’s wall | Another “built for one era; failure in another”


Just days away | The 103rd PA Farm Show, January 5-12, 2019



    • The Cats from Lexington did the “Bluegrass State” proud. A step toward cleansing the taste that McConnell leaves in our mouths.

  1. McConnell is far dumber than he looks but he is obviously great at manipulating people. However, he never tossed a pirfect game as ,former KY senator, Jim Bunning did. Anyone who pitcheds a perfect game should be in Congress. The rest of the representatives should be former combat tested fighter pilots.

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