Tuesday’s news items [drone’s eye view; learning while disagreeing; dog poop protest; larger council meeting audience anticipated & more] – 1/8/2019

WGAL-TV8‘s | “drone’s-eye view of the Columbia, Wrightsville Bridge and the Susquehanna River

REMINDER | This evening’s council meeting venue has been changed: Due to anticipated attendance at the Tuesday, January 8, 2019 Borough Council Meeting being larger than normal, the meeting will take place at the Columbia Borough School District Administration Center (200 N. Fifth Street, Columbia, PA 17512). Area media broadcast coverage is expected, too.

This site uses the National Weather Service | “The National Weather Service is ‘open,’ but your forecast is worse because of the shutdown”The Washington Post

human speaking listening power of mastermind together world universe inside your mind, watercolor painting hand drawn

“Let’s learn from all opinions | even when we disagree. Yes, even today!”The Wisdom Daily

New, now No. 1 | “No. 2 Clemson mauls No. 1 Alabama”CBS Sports [Here’s a really good story about that Clemson team and their 19 year old QB.]

Quote of the day | “Hey, don’t allow jerks to win by not voting for them.” – From a comment following this Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article about the armed protesters in Pittsburgh yesterday.

poop post

Poop post | Garners dozens of comments at this facebook site.

From a Columbia news, views & reviews post in March, 2014. Maybe it is time for a borough doggie DNA database?IMG_20140223_135021Looking at the sidewalk from where we took the above picture we spied some of the omnipresent dog “doo-doo.” Columbia’s sidewalks must look like Sochi’s without the roving dogs. Maybe the borough ought to insist that all dogs be licensed and have proof of a doggie DNA registry!

Let the consolidation process begin | Senator Aument is chief of Education committeeLancaster Online

John Baer column | Harrisburg’s legislature same old- same old – Philly.com

temple of time

Columbia’s gain | “The New York Museum Of Clocks And Watches That Could Have Been” – Hodinkee


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  1. This dog poop would seem to be a tiny issue compared to the human poop in our National Parks right now.

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