“in facebook, vertias”| or why everyone, not just municipalities, should have a digital protocol and follow it!

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We posted this on Wednesday: “In the shadow of last night’s meeting, one might think the “truth in wine” credo is almost the same as the ‘true feelings’ of people who take to facebook. Often, though, just as in a wine sloshed conversation, the truth is hard to find or understand.”

This morning, early, we got a bevy of emails and text. “Did you see this?” So and so had “beer balls last night.”

Driving to an early morning meeting in another county left us wondering, and it’s not prudent to read phone messages while driving anytime, but particularly in the dark.

Following the meeting, we read their texts and emails with screen shots of the barrage of facebook posts. We know there’s truth the adage; it’s possible, upon sobering up to go back and undo or delete “dumassedness,” we’re told.

But the truth is the screen-shots will be around for a long time — resident on lots of computers, tablets, smart phones, discs, hard drives and clouds.

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